Monday, August 17, 2009

Learning for Its own sake...

I don't understand why we should learn just because we need to. Isn't it a lot like smiling at your neighbour everyday just because she stays next door and is your only resort when you run short of sugar for a midnight coffee? The ancient Greeks never navigated with mathematics because they NEEDED to have their descendants of the next millennium find the solutions to a deluge of complex quagmires. Franklin never went out in the middle of the storm with the intention to run your fans and lights five centuries later. Learning is a process which comes naturally to man. It is the 'water' to a thirst called curiosity. Learning amongst human beings happens because every human soul is a bit too recalcitrant to resign himself to uncertainty. It is just a matter of chance that, what one fiercely inquisitive dreamer has helped the world learn goes on to solve the greatest of practical problems in the present era of complications. So , lethargy and indolence amongst a scattered few can never abrogate the practice of 'learning just for the sake of it'. When you have visions of uncertainty go and slake it. Don't wait for your need to arise!