Monday, September 7, 2009

Its you who is to blame...

You give up chicken because the person who means the most to you is a vegetarian and gets nausea even at the mention of it.
You sever all ties with a friend who you know can be much more than a friend and will always be the object of your felicity any time you demand, because you acknowledge your soulmate's insecurity and value the immense ardour he or she may have for you. (re-read this sentence , its complicated).
You abstain from using the F-word and the G-word ( and many other such words) because he doesn't like you to, even though he using it is fine. (This case is especially militating against a 'he'.)
You think nothing is going to change and you expect the same sacrifice in return. Eventually you start taking your , lets say 'special someones' for granted. How are they supposed to retaliate? Well experience says that once this so called 'taking for granted' stage is achieved it is irreversible. It can be checked only when YOU realise it in good time. If it is too late , the only one you can blame is yourself. Repent in closed doors, hide the tear in your eye when you are in the car with your mom or sister and looking out of the rainwater tainted glass, whatever you do , take everything in a positive note. Begin life on a new note. You are mature now, give things time. Everything happens in good time ; we don't need to keep a vigilance on that. All you can do is accept everything beautifully , because you are given only as much as you can handle. :)
The most important message: Expectation should never be your aim , amelioration of your soul and acceptance of Fate should. :)

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